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SEQ Communications Solutions provide a wide range of managed network services, NBN, ADSL and Secure VPN connections.

Managed IT Services

We understand that keeping your IT infrastructure up and running is of major importance to you and your business, however managing your IT support can be a tricky business. With managed IT services, we look after your network services, and monitor uptime, install the latest updates and software packages. With managed network services through SEQ Communications Solutions you can concentrate on what you do best, running your business.

NBN, ADSL Broadband And VPN Connection

We provide a range of NBN, High speed ADSL and ADSL2+ broadband packages as well as wireless data packages to suit your business needs. With secure VPN connection you can log into your work or office computer wherever you are, while on the move.

SEQ Communications Solutions has been providing reliable telecommunication services for the last 30 years so you can rest assured that your IT services will be effectively and securely managed, so contact us now to take advantage of these fantastic services.

Phones / Mobile

Whether your are a small office and need 2 handsets and 2 lines or a large corporation with PBX and other call features, we can help.  


We understand that keeping your IT infrastructure up and running is of major importance to you and your business.


Feedback from our customers has shown that 50% of business’s are unhappy with the IT support they receive and that their IT set up does not meet their expectations.


We understand that when installing, maintaining or upgrading your phone infrastructure you need two things, firstly, to minimize downtime and secondly, to have a phone system installation that is functional, long lasting and reliable.

Onsite Support

When you need help with your phone systems you want to talk to experts that can quickly diagnose the problem and most importantly, fix it promptly.


The internet is about to get a whole lot faster. Australia’s new national broadband network is rolling out across the country